Dorothy is available to speak or facilitate a workshop, or to do consulting on the topics of psychosynthesis and humanistic/transpersonal psychotherapy, the mother/daughter relationship and on learning to teach. She has run numerous workshops and groups, has consulted for a variety of businesses and given talks for colleges, organizations and businesses. She has also appeared on several television and radio shows to speak on a variety of subjects. If you or your group or organization are interested in having Dorothy give a talk for you, she can be reached by e-mail by clicking here or by phone at 413-256-3020. She can provide a list of past speaking engagements and references. She has worked with groups as small as half a dozen people up to large and full auditoriums She has spoken in informal "pillow on the floor" atmospheres to Podiums on large stages to the "expert panel" on the Oprah Winfrey show. Browsing the other pages on this site will give you an idea of the length and breadth of her experience in a number of fields. People find her warm and approachable with a healthy sense of humor.